We have a wide range of premade cover art designs that you can use for your Albums, Singles, Podcast cover, and more.
The artworks come in two formats Non-Exclusive and Exclusive, Exclusive artworks are sold on a first come first serve basis ie. it is only sold once and then removed from the shop whereas Non-Exclusive artworks can have more than one owner with different elements/contents added to them, which make them so cheap and a great fit for entry-level musicians with tight budgets.

All our cover arts are 100% ready for Apple Music and Spotify and come in a minimum of 3000px X 3000px jpeg files.

Choosing cover art

Check Them Out!

Browse through all the available Cover arts on the website and pick a design that fits your need. Also, be sure to check out if the design you have selected is Exclusive or Non-Exclusive. You can check that on the product page or if the price is above $50 then it’s exclusive and vice versa.

Filling form on laptop

Fill The Content Form

Once you have decided which cover art you want. Then the next step is to provide the content you want on the artwork, which you can do by filling out the content form on the product page. You have to provide the Title, Artist/Band Name, and Logo that you want on the artwork. You can also totally skip this step if you don’t want any content on the artwork, we will send you just the background artwork. If you want to add any other content to the artwork then you can specify it in “Customer note”. Then click the Buy now button which will take you to the checkout page.

Product recived

Download your Cover art!

Once your order is confirmed we will start working on it by adding the content (which you provided using the content form) to the premade design. If you want to add something or maybe change the content at the last movement then you can contact us after you have placed your order (ASAP). We will send a preview of the premade artwork with your content added to it. Once you are satisfied with the end result we will send a download link of the cover art files to the email id you provided.

Ready for your own Exclusive Cover Art?