This is an Exclusive design and is only sold once on first come first served basis.


by Prateek Mishra


This is a high-quality artwork which you can use in Electronic music. The Text on the Cover art is just a placeholder, your Logo and Txt will be added to the album cover once you purchase it.

  • The font can be customized or changed according to your need.
  • The position of the text can be changed from bottom to top.
  • If you submitted your logo, then it will go to the top middle position and the song/Album title to the bottom.

The cover artwork size is 3000px X 3000px @ 300dpi.


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This Album cover will never come back in stock again as it was an exclusive design which is only sold once.
But if you like this design, You can request us to design a similar custom cover art for you.

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