Wash away

By: Prateek Mishra

The text on the artwork is just a placeholder, Your submitted text or logo will be added after purchase.

The Text placement or Font can be changed.

I will also include a copy of the cover art without any text or logo added to it.

If you want the master PSD file with all separated layers then check the Include PSD option.

The master PSD file will give you complete freedom to customize the cover art however and whenever you like.

If you plan to print on CDs or merchandise (even in the future) then you’ll need the PSD file.




3000 X 3000


Jpg, Psd


Although this exclusive cover art is no longer available, If this design appeals to you. Our talented Cover art designer can work with you to create a custom album cover that shares similar design elements while still being unique to your vision.
Simply complete our custom cover art questionnaire to start the process.

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